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AdminNet Committee 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013

The Office Bearers of the Committee consist of the following Administrative Staff
who were elected to take the leading roles of the Committee.

New committee members are welcome. This can provide an opportunity to share skills as well as to learn and develop new skills in a safe environment.

"It has been an honor to be part of the AdminNet Committee and be surrounded by individuals who are dedicated to their roles at UNSW. I have never known a finer group of people and count it as an honor to have worked alongside them. Thank you for allowing me to enrich my UNSW working life through working as a volunteer at AdminNet."



Contact Details
Information on your committee member

Chair Person

Lynette McIntyre

Snr Management Accountant
Finance Team
Faculty of Science
Ph: 9385 9586
Email: l.mcintyre@unsw.edu.au


Finance Team
Faculty of Science


Deputy Chair Person




Bronwen Smith

Executive Assistant,,
Climate Change Research Centre,
Faculty of Science
Ph: 9385 9766
Email: bronwen.smith@unsw.edu.au

Executive Officer, Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Science

IT Officer

Swa Rath


Beverly Hurtado

Climate Change Research Centre
Ph: 9385 9393
Email: s.rath@unsw.edu.au

School of Banking and Finance
Ph: 9385 5798
Email: b.hurtado@unsw.edu.au

Climate Change Research Centre


School of Banking and Finance

OSDS Representative

Adrianne Harris

Organisation & Staff Development Services (OSDS)
Human Resources
Ph: 9385 3426
Email: a.harris@unsw.edu.au

Organisation & Staff Development Services (OSDS)

General Committee Members

Claudio Sissa
Vilia Co
Annabel Sutherland
Jack Crane
Roselle Nunes
Sussan Su
Ella Li





Anne Ayers
Sussan Su
Iona Reid (Learming & Teaching)
Veronika Roth (Student Central)
Joanna Tjojoatmodjo
Miria Kakaire
Suman Singh
Mangala Navaratnam
Li Zhang
Abbey Murray
Mahmudul Alam
Margreta Morello-Janssen
Steve Josanto (volunteer photographer)

Patron (Academic Staff) Professor David Cohen  
Patron (General Staff) Barbara Chmielewski  
Previous Patron (Academic Staff) Professor Prem Ramburuth  

Previous Patron

Professor Barbara Messerle  

End of Year Event November 2012

AdminNet Committee with 2016 Excellence in Environment Sustainability awards
Bronwen Smith, Vilia Co, Swa Rath, Lynette McIntyre and Sussan Su
(absent David Cohen (Academic Patron), Barbara Chmielewski (Professional Patron),
Annabel Sutherland, Beverly Hurtado, Claudio Sissa, Jack Crane, Roselle Nunes)

End of Year Event November 2012

2015 AdminNet Committee and volunteers at 2015 End of Year Event - Lynette McIntyre, Sussan Su (volunteer),
Beverly Hurtado, Annabel Sutherland, Bronwen Smith, Vilia Co
Absent - Professor Prem Ramuruth (Academic Patron), Barbara Chmielewski (Professional Patron), Jack Crane, Roselle Nunes,
Claudio Sissa, Iona Reid, Rohan Singh_Panwar (volunteer), Stephanus (Steve) Goenawan (volunteer photographer)

End of Year Event November 2012

2013 AdminNet Committee with David Ward at the 2013 End of Year Event - Annabel Sutherland, Tiffany O'Neill, Beverly Hurtado, Vilia Co, Grant Platt,
David Ward, Claudio Sissa, Lynette McIntyre, Mathi Natarajan, Bronwen Smith
Absent - Barbara Messerle, Adrianne Harris, Swa Rath

2013 AdminNet Committee - Lynette McIntyre, Barbara Messerle, Adrianne Harris, Mathi Natarajan, Tiffany O'Neill, Annabel Sutherland, Beverly Hurtado.
Absent -
Janina Jancu, Claudio Sissa, Bronwen Smith, Swa Rath, Vilia Co, Grant Platt

2012 AdminNet Committee - Janina Jancu, Claudio Sissa, Mathi Natarajan, Lynette McIntyre. Absent - Iona Reid, Anne Ayers, Helen O'Shea

2009 AdminNet Committee & Patron, Professor Barbara Messerle

2008 AdminNet Committee


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