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AdminNet Committee won Excellence in Environmental Sustainability

in the 2016 UNSW Staff Excellence Awards

Thank you to our members, committee and patrons for their contribution to the award.

Thank you for using the AdminNet email to share with our members.

Thank you for encouraging your colleagues to join AdminNet.

A plaque (like below) has been presented to Annabel Sutherland, Beverly Hurtado, Bronwen Smith,
Claudio Sissa, Jack Crane, Luciana Nadalin, Roselle Nunes, Swa Rath, Sussan Su and Vilia Co

Committee members in photo with awards- Bronwen Smith, Vilia Co, Swa Rath, Lynette McIntyre and Sussan Su
(absent David Cohen (Academic Patron), Barbara Chmielewski (Professional Patron), Annabel Sutherland,
Beverly Hurtado, Claudio Sissa, Jack Crane, Roselle Nunes)

"The hard working team of volunteers on the AdminNet Committee have made a significant contribution
to the sustainable culture at UNSW over the years. They help UNSW reuse and re-task all manner of
items which would otherwise find their way into landfill."

"Congratulations. Very much deserved. Enjoy"

"Congratulations to you and your team for doing such an amazing job.  You deserve the staff excellence award."

"Congrats Lynette. Well done to you and the Admin net team"

"Congrats Lynette and thanks for all your hard work with Admin net. "

"Congratulations Lynette!!!! Well done for all your good connective work!"

"Congratulations Lynette!  This is really nice, well done!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the activities organised by the AdmnNet."

"Well done Lynette! An award of excellence for a mighty big job and a huge commitment throughout the year."

"Congratulations Lynette. It is a really great community"

"So happy for the win - such a great resource for unsw - definitely deserves a win ;) congrats"

"Huge congrats, Lynette.  So well deserved."

"Your years of hard work is being recognised, well done!"

"I agree, well deserved, a valuable contribution not only to UNSW but for our staff community."

"Congratulations to all the AdminNet Volunteers team on this well -deserved award !!!!"

"Congratulations, the Award is well deserved."

"Well done Lynette.  Congratulations and prosperous years ahead for Adminnet"

"Congratulations to you and your team – you do a great job."

"Congrats. Well deserved. You’ve gone a great job throughout the years & made enormous contribution to the university community."

"Joining the AdminNet network has been one of the best things I’ve done this year and it’s fabulous to see how environmentally friendly this network is when it comes down to sharing and recycling equipment.  Well-deserved award!"

"Conratulations on receiving the award!  That is absolutely fantastic!"

"Congratulations for great work! Well deserved."

"Your years of hard work is being recognised, well done!"

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