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Welcome to AdminNet

Objectives of AdminNet

The objectives of AdminNet are to:

provide a means of communication & networking for all Professional & Administrative Staff at UNSW;
facilitate resource and knowledge sharing;
enhance the profile of professional & administrative staff within the University;
& to foster personal as well as professional growth in all administrative staff.

AdminNet is an initiative of the Administrative Staff & People and Culture at UNSW.

AdminNet is run by volunteer Professional & Administrative Staff through OSDS and is available to all staff within the University.

The AdminNet flyer is available to send to potential members or to display on noticeboards.

The AdminNet Brochure is avaialble to be send to members or potiential members.

To oversee the management of AdminNet the Administrative Staff Network Committee has been established.

The committee meets on a monthly basis and it is to them that you can raise an issue or seek advice.

New committee members are welcome. This can provide an opportunity to share skills as well as to learn and develop new skills in a safe environment.

AdminNet Patron (Academic Staff) : Professor David Cohen, President Academic Board

AdminNet Patron (Professional Staff) : Professor Barbara Chmielewski, Director BRIDG

Previous AdminNet Patrons: Professor Barbara Messerle, School of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Professor Prem Ramburuth, President Academic Board

If you are interested in developing your skills by being part of an AdminNet Subcommittee that work on various projects that benefit professional & administrative staff contact the Chair Person or any member of the committee.

Please click on this link for the 2016 Annual Report, 2015 Annual Report, 2014 Annual Report, 2013 Annual Report, 2012 Annual Report, 2010 and 2011 Consolidated Annual Report, 2009 Annual Report, 2008 Annual Report, 2007 Annual Report, 2004 Annual Report or 2002 Annual Report.

Please click on this link for a copy of the Terms of Reference for AdminNet.


"A big thanks to Admin Net for being a great resource for professional staff"

"The Network helps to bring together professional staff in a very devolved and siloed institution"

"I believe the sessions are helpful and have become crucial due to the rate of change in systems and procedures"

"Yes, I wasn't aware there was a proper admin net committee with monthly meetings"

"I have only just discovered the website, too. It's a great initiative"

"Thank you for the effort that goes into keeping staff connected and informed"

"Please pass on my thanks to the committee for another fine job done this year.  I especially appreciate the sustainable coffee mug I won in the raffle.   I am sure many staff  appreciated such a great gift idea"

"This is a great initiative. I have worked at a several Universities and this is the first time I have seen this initiative."

"Thank you for the Managing My Budget workshop today. It was really useful. In particular the private calumo reports and the creating scope for multiple project reports"

"Thank you so much for your wonderful info session today (Managing My Budget). It is amazing how we can always learn something new even when we think we already have a decent handle on some things. Thanks for your time."

"This is a great initiative!" (Managing My Budget information session)

"Some Finance Officers feel very benefited to learn lots of tips which have not been taught in any other financial training e.g. creating a scope for running multiple project reports. I have also noticed that you are very creative to make Calumo project reports more friendly"

"Thank you very much for your excellent handling of the Preparing my Budget training yesterday. It is an excellent initiative from AdminNet"

"This (AdminNet email) is one of the best ways of getting information out to the UNSW Community. I always get a good response when I send out one of these broadcasts. Clearly the members of AdminNet are the ones in the know at UNSW!"

"Thank you for organising the panel information session today. It was well worth the walk down to lower campus"

"I attended the networking forum that was organised last Friday, thank you for organising such an informative event. I loved the difference in the panel members and what they individually brought to the group."

"Thank you so much for today's lunch event. It is always a well-attended fun event and a thankful rest from the office as this busy time of year. Thank you for all your efforts through the year with our team building / recycling / information sessions emails etc. I am super thrilled with my voucher (raffle prize) as well."

" I would like to congratulate you and the Admin-net committee on such  a successful end of year event (2014 12 year aniversary and end of year event)."

"AdminNet is better than Yamma"

"I think this is a great idea and applaud our new VC on his efforts to include all staff in discussions"

"It was a wonderful event (VC Event), congratulations to you and the AdminNet committee for organising!"

"AdminNet has been a fabulour resource for me. I appreciate every service that they provide"

"Thanks so much for the presentation the other day (Managing my Personal Budget to Achieve Financial Goals). Really interesting stuff."

"Thankyou for all your efforts in pulling the admin cohort together! No easy task!"

"Thank you for the presentation today (Taxation Overvies) Lynette. It was very insightful and Anne did a wonderful job explaining it in a way that it made perfect sense".

"Thank you for the very useful and informative session (Taxation Overview). It was of great help. "

"Thanks Lynette for organising this (Taxation Overview).  It was very informative.  Thanks also for sending through the presentation slides."

"Want to thank you for organizing today's stress management session . It was very beneficial . Hope we have more of these session"

"Thank you for organising this great event {Stress Management)."

"Thank You” to you and all your colleague helper organizers, for delivering such a wonderful, successful and enjoyable function – last Wednesday (End of Year Event). I, and I am sure everyone, had a fantastic  time."

"Thank you for all your hard work with AdminNet during the year. It’s great to have an initiative like this for our Admin teams."

"Thank you another AdminNet course (Learning New Skills). Hopefully it will give me some inspiration as to figuring out what on earth I’m doing with my life!"

"Thanks so much for facilitating the excel course yesterday, it was very useful."

"Many thanks for running the excel workshop today. It was very informative and much appreciated that you give up your time to help others."

"Thank you for your individual time and effort to deliver the Excel training session today, it was very much appreciated. I look forward to the next session!"

"Thanks Lynette and Janz for the presentation (Excel - What's new in 2016). It’s very helpful and informative!"

"Congratulations Lynette! Thank you for your great efforts to achieve this milestone (> 1,300 members)"

"Well done Lynette. YOU who deserve a BIG CHEER from us all. You make a difference in AdminNet world!"

"Thank you! You guys are awesome!"

"Many thanks to you, for all your dedication, energy and very hard work in making and maintaining the admin-net.  It is a wonderful means for bringing staff together, to share and learn."

"Many thanks for this great network initiative."

"Thank for all the help from AdminNet … which is a great communication network"

"May I just congratulate you and the committee on another successful year, and thank you for all the hard work you undertake and the amazing service you provide.
Your 2016 UNSW Staff Excellence Award for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability was well deserved and an acknowledged testament to all that you do! "

"Thank you for all your hard work, time and effort that you put into AdminNet."

End of Year Event November 2012


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